Carly’s Big Night in Boston (In Hopes of Finding a Cure)

Heather, Carly and Jeremy (Mr. J) fly to Boston for two big reasons: Progeria Research Foundation’s ‘Night of Wonder,’ and to conclude a very important medical trial.


To donate to the Progeria Research Foundation (PRF), please visit

For more information on ‘Team Zoey,’ please visit https://

For more information on Meghan Waldron’s book, please check out

To watch Sam Berns’ Ted Talk:

For more information on ‘Zach Attack,’ please check out

Music featured in this episode:

‘Back to Boston’ by The Rosebuds

‘Shut Up & Dance’ by Walk the Moon (this is one of Carly’s favorite songs, THANK YOU for allowing us to use it) Please SUBSCRIBE to Walk The Moon’s YouTube channel:



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